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Overcoming Faulty Thinking

Book Reviews:

"A must read for the Christian walk in this world.  I went back many times to read it again not wanting to miss a word."

-Helen Bigg

"I wanted to ingest every word. I am giving this book 5 stars, and would give it six if I could." 

-B Koehn

"If you are a woman over fifty struggling with discouragement Exceptional Bloom is a must read! It is filled with encouragement and inspiration that will bring balance and fresh direction to your

journey of life."  

True Source Ministries Founder Paula Masters with her daughters: Kristin, Abby, Ali, Darbi, and Zoey 




A Note From The Founder 


"When walking around the block many years ago when I noticed a girl with a similar resemblance to myself sitting on the curb. She had a cigarette in one hand, a beer in the other, and a lost look on her face. Immediately a flood of memories filled my mind. “That would be me if not for the grace of God” I thought to myself. 

Once again, I became acutely aware that my life would have played out much differently had God not intervened. I have a wonderful family (five amazing grace-filled daughters, three son-in-laws, and eleven grandchildren). Yet people who observe my family do not realize that it was not always this way. I am constantly reminded by the unhappiness I see all around me that I once lived a radically different life. It was at best destructive, and I found myself like this girl on the curb--lost and alone.

 I looked for direction in the church, and as can happen in some churches, I found myself blocked by walls of superficial spirituality that kept me far from that hope. “Praise the Lord!” “God is good!” “I’ll keep you in prayers!” These cliches often sound like well-rehearsed scripts. How quickly we forget that we, too, were once in need of a rescuing hand. Spiritual platitudes with no heart behind them never bring anyone closer to divine aid or true guidance. 

As uncomfortable as it is to be reminded of my past, I am truly grateful because God uses these memories to create in me a desire to help others. This is why True Source Ministries is dedicated to the goal of transparency. There are no pretenses here. What you encounter is real and genuine. 

I wrote the book Blue Skies: Beyond The Dark Clouds Of Broken Thinking in hopes of reaching into the lives of other women who may seek a deeper journey of healing and rescue from emotions and broken thought patterns that commonly play havoc with the mind, even as Christians.

It is my sincere hope that you take away something from this ministry that will bring about comfort, encouragement, and inspiration to press into God like never before--surely our help is found in the True Source of overcoming."

~Paula Masters

“My help comes from the LORD ...” (Psalm 121:2)

True Source Ministries Helping Hurting Women


"It's not about the "don'ts" but the "do" 

the beautiful replacement of old with the new."

-Paula Masters