Helping hurting women

Using Philippians 4:8 as her starting point, Paula Masters helps women navigate beyond clouds of spiritual darkness into the brilliant light of truth, peace, and healthy thinking.

Struggling with a broken heart over a failed relationship is one of the hardest challenges a woman can face. The wound may feel like physical pain (as though your heart actually aches) and can be overwhelming. It's no wonder we describe this condition as being "heartsick." 

One of the primary fears that plague a brokenhearted woman is that she will never find this kind of love again. This pain will often motivate her to take desperate measures to find some sense of relief.

Often, the primary avenue for seeking relief falls into the category of denial. A brokenhearted woman refuses to believe the relationship is over, even if the man shows little to no interest. 

A heartsick woman will keep a dead or dying relationship alive by re-living the sweet moments and repeating proclamations of initial mutual feelings over and over in her mind. If there was any intimacy involved, there is an even more desperate attempt to keep the relationship alive. 

The thought of her ex-boyfriend sharing similar experiences with another increases her efforts to win back his affections. It can cause the brokenhearted woman to compromise her standards, even finding herself acting obsessively. "It’s because I love him," she declares, justifying her behavior as an act of true love. She waits and waits, holding out hope of reconciliation.

If you are reading this while currently in a season of heartbreak, you probably can relate to some of the anguish described. You must know that you are not alone. This is a very real heartache, and it requires supernatural strength and wisdom from the Lord to get through it. 

Please remember that you are the same woman your ex-boyfriend was initially enamored with. Just because he has moved on does not make you less valuable. A break-up naturally causes havoc to the human psyche. It makes us feel a myriad of negative and discouraging feelings about ourselves. Turn yourself over to the Lord's care during this season, and allow Him to teach you things from this break-up that will make you an even wiser, stronger, and more inwardly beautiful woman.

Understanding A Broken Heart