Helping hurting women

 We are living in a time when many Christian women feel compelled to smile no matter what difficulties they may be facing, only to spiral down into private despair. There are many who are hurting, silently bound in secrecy and unnecessary isolation and shame. Therefore, it is our desire to challenge the mistaken mindset of women within the church that says we must appear to have it spiritually altogether, only to conceal a heart of inner turmoil. 

We desire to touch on several common areas of struggle, difficulties, and strongholds of women today. Our desire is to provide spiritual support by helping to identify areas of struggle  and connecting women with available resources specific to each struggle. 

Common Areas Of Struggle

The areas of struggles listed link to general definitions and descriptions. They are meant to help you identify emotions or areas that may need further attention in order to bring about greater spiritual well-being. Please click on any issue below to view helpful information on that particular struggle.