by Paula Masters

Inadequacy is defined as being insufficient or incapable. It is the opposite of sufficiency or capability. A woman who struggles with feelings of inadequacy thinks she is insufficient in specific areas of her life. She may hold these types of feelings in her heart regardless of their validity--to her it is a reality. 

A woman who struggles with inadequacy often plunges into feelings of humiliation or shame. She has fears of being found out--that her inadequacies might be discovered by others. Try as she may to escape these feelings, she continues to be plagued by them, and as a result she may become either withdrawn or very needy. Either way, her concern is that what she has will be taken away and given to someone more capable. Feeling threatened is a key characteristic of inadequacy. 

Many times a woman who struggles with inadequacy will try and build a facade of capability, but on the inside she feels like a impostor who needs to keep up appearances. Unhealthy emotions are flourishing insider her heart. These include feelings of 
inferiorityinsecurity, and anxiety.

Because there is such a deep void in the heart of the woman who deals with this inner turmoil, she may have the tendency to seek inordinate reassurance to ease desperate feelings associated with this struggle. One thing is for certain, she recognizes her battle and wants to be different, but even in this realization she feels too inadequate to prevail. 

Is there hope for this area of struggle? It is natural for the heart to want to protect itself or be on guard when it feels inadequate? A.W. Tozer says of the heart: "The heart's fierce effort to protect itself from every slight, to shield it's touchy honor from the bad opinion of friend and enemy, will never let it rest."

To God be the glory that all things can be made new, even this condition of the heart! Similar to the recovery process of inferiority, the women who struggles with feelings of inadequacy must have a complete overhaul by the Holy Spirit. It is entirely possible for a woman with this struggle can embrace God's estimation of herself and be at peace. As she prayerfully embarks on discovering the value that God places in her specifically, and embraces these truths as reality, she will find the blessed rest she has been longing for.


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