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"One of the best books I've read to date that focuses on the unique challenges of older women in the body of Christ. Her clear understanding of God's role for us and her beautiful writing voice make this a book I'll read many times." -Kate F Eatom

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Women over 50 often experience a normal sense of loss as roles shift and change in life. However, now more than ever, the time has arrived to discover who we are as an individuals. Join us as we celebrate the arrival of a season where we are free to stop and smell life’s blooms. Why not soak in the kaleidoscope of beautiful aromas and colors…and eat a cupcake too? Welcome, friends, to the exciting adventure of discovering that simplest of pleasures is a God given treasure to be enjoyed by a marvelous sisterhood of women who are over fifty and fabulous! Visit our website Over Fifty And Fabulous designed just for you!

Life Over Fifty