Helping hurting women

Using Philippians 4:8 as her starting point, Paula Masters helps women navigate beyond clouds of spiritual darkness into the brilliant light of truth, peace, and healthy thinking.

Obsession, according to the dictionary is a compulsive fixation with an idea causing excessive preoccupation. A women can tell if she struggles with obsession in the area of relationship by simply taking inventory of her thought life and observing whether or not her thoughts continue to be fixed on a desired person. She may mistake this feeling for love, but it is not love. 

Desperation is the word that best describes the feeling when preoccupied with another who either is not as interested in the relationship, or is not a healthy person to be in a relationship with. It is gripping and overwhelming, to say the very least. It can pervade almost every hour of a woman's day. It can hold her prisoner and convince her that life without this person will result in a miserable, loveless life.

Does this sound uncomfortably familiar? You might be surprised to know that millions of women struggle with this very same condition of the heart. "But I’m a Christian," you might say. "How can this happen to me?" Interestingly enough, there are many reasons that this conflict of the heart can develop and even flourish in the heart of a Christian woman.

Our prayer is that if you are a woman who identifies with this struggle, you will not only discover what those reasons are, but will have complete victory on the arm of Jesus who will lead you to understand what true and healthy love looks like. 

That is where He wants you--on His arm. You are His princess, even though you might not feel like it, and He wants to be your protective companion, setting you set apart for the right man. 

Do you know that? It's easy to forget that amidst bouts of insecurity and feelings of unworthiness. Many women simply cannot believe that they are valuable, even to God, especially if they think they have let God down. So, they resign themselves to pursue the wrong man regardless of rejection, and give in to the misery that accompanies this state of mind. 

Praise God this need not remain the case for anyone who seeks the help of the Lord! Although it may seem impossible, overcoming is completely possible by the power of the Holy Spirit."What is impossible with man is possible with God." If you have a mustard seed of hope, God can remove this mountain of unhealthy attraction. You can trust that He will prepare you to receive whatever instruction He may have specific to your heart, specific to your circumstances.

Understanding Obsession